The polyester team

Together we have decades of experience in virgin and recycled polyester, mechanical recycling, waste preparation and materials science. Together we create and accelerate our positive impact.

Debbie Appleton Global Manager Materials Recovery at DSM-Niaga
Marco Brons Technical Director at Cumapol, ACES and DuFor
Josse Kunst Director Chemical Recycling at Cumapol
Mark Ruesink Production & Innovation Director (r)PET at Morssinkhof
Layo van het Goor Scientist at DSM
Niels Hoffard R&D Manager at Cumapol and DuFor
Arjen van Kempen Commercial Director at Cumapol, ACES and DuFor
Bram Schmidt Chemical Engineer Pilot Plant at Cumapol
Willemiek Stander Business Controller at Cumapol
Matthijs Veerman Matthijs Veerman Business Development Manager at Morssinkhof Plastics B.V.
Elsa Wanders Communication at Cumapol, ACES and DuFor
Geen afbeelding gevonden Mike de Lange R&D Manager CuRe Technology